Friday, January 22, 2010

Hope for Haiti

I was looking through today's mail just as the Hope for Haiti benefit began on just about every television network. One piece of mail was from Compassion International encouraging us to take a few minutes to write to a beautiful girl whom we have sponsored for several years, Clairciane. She lives in Haiti, west of Port au Prince, about 20 miles from the epicenter.

Over 6o,000 children are enrolled in Compassion's programs in Haiti, about 10% of them in Port au Prince. Approximately 50 of Compassion's centers were affected by the earthquake. So far, Compassion has reports from only 28 of them. At least 100 children are known to have died, dozens injured and hundreds left homeless. Who knows how many have lost a father or mother, a sister or a brother?

I was struck by the timing as I opened the mail today. When was that mailing planned? Almost certainly before the earthquake. That it would arrive today and that I would find it at the very beginning of the TV benefit is only a small thing. But it is a poignant reminder that we are all in this journey together. We hope to hear soon that Clairciane and her family are safe. We pray and wait with hope, hope for Clairciane, hope for Haiti.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How soon we forget!

Or shall I put that in the form of a question, "How soon will we forget?"

How soon before most of us forget about Haiti? I hate to seem a cynic but I know how we are. Once the shocking news coverage slows down, we'll begin to forget and I fear that we will mostly forget long before the misery is relieved.

Feel free to point out why I'm wrong. I'd love to be wrong about this.